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The corona crisis is temporary.

As fatal the consequences will be for many individuals: in the end the coronavirus will be defeated by herd immunity and vaccinations and we can go back to building the old, familiar life. The consequences of the climate crisis, on the other hand, will last for centuries and will increase steadily.

Once the tipping points are reached, we will then slide from one horror trip into the next. Distribution struggles for ever scarcer resources could even lead to the end of civilization, as some studies now show, Although the measures to stop the climate crisis would be much less drastic than those to stop the corona crisis.

In both crises, we fight invisible opponents. For Corona there is an invisible virus in the climate crisis are invisible greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane. But unlike the corona crisis, effective drugs have long been developed in the climate crisis.

Renewable energies can meet our energy needs without the emission of invisible greenhouse gases that will ultimately result in death and destruction. Just like the Corona crisis, our behavior has to change in some areas. The cuts are not nearly as dramatic. Therefore, it is actually incomprehensible that we have so far not managed to get a grip on the climate crisis, although their consequences will exceed the corona crisis by dimensions.

There are politicians who even want to reduce the fight against the climate crisis even further and literally want to smash future technologies such as solar and wind power in Germany in order to be able to devote themselves entirely to the corona crisis.

Allthough, politics and all of us could learn a great deal from the corona crisis. A key argument against the fight for the climate is that it doesn’t work if a country or one government goes ahead.

With the corona crisis, however, it can be observed very well that hesitant governments are quick to take measures if other countries make courageous progress. Great Britain had initially taken a special route: no measures were decided at all. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was a sad truth, that many would lose their beloved ones, before their time, in coming months.

But still, his compatriots should continue with business as usual. For “draconian” measures, Johnson, was not yet the time. This is strongly reminds of the appeasement in the fight against the climate crisis, which are constantly expressed, in German also.

After radical measures were gradually adopted in all other European countries, the British government ultimately also turned 180 degrees. Too large, the pressure in their own country was. Most likely, we are luky, that the corona crisis started in China and not in Great Britain, since China was the first country to take decisive action and in the end to successfully combat the virus.

Why shouldn’t the pioneering role also work in climate protection? Here too, failure to act will have fatal consequences. Of course, other countries will follow the pioneers if they practice successful climate protection.

It even shows that politicians gain approval through courageous action and the adoption of radical but necessary measures. While Donald Trump and Boris Johnson suffered significant losses in the favor of voters due to their hesitant corona politis, approval of the German government rose significantly after it expressed its determination.

Now it is important to communicate, the measures taken, well. Then the population is willing to bear harsh cuts.

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