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We won’t arrive in Tegel either.

Just let me surprise you. I’m curious about that! Intro (* music *) Yes, let’s leave Europe’s climate-friendliest airport and make our way to Radolfzell. The climate-friendliness will soon come to an end. Tell me, is that your Nightjet? Nice try! You can drive to Switzerland with an electric car without any problems, as we have already shown in some YouTube videos.

But this time we do it even better. The story of the outward journey to Radolfzell is quickly told, off we go from Berlin. But briefly back to the plane. Before Corona, around three percent of the carbon dioxide emissions caused by Germans came from air traffic.

Because aircraft exhaust causes much greater damage at altitude than on the ground, the effects on global warming are two to five times greater. Aircraft therefore account for around 10 percent of the human made greenhouse effect in Germany.

Many cannot even imagine a world without a plane, and only three percent of the world’s population use the plane each year. Because of this, we decided not to fly at all anymore. And if you have a day to travel, that’s not even necessary. Driving a gasoline and diesel car is not a climate-friendly alternative.

The climate footprint is a little smaller than that of the plane, but it is still in the dark red area. Driving an electric car is much better, especially if the battery has been fully charged with your own inexpensive solar power. But the train is ahead. If you just want to get from A to B or in our case from Berlin to Radolfzell, you also have less stress.

Instead of just staring at the road for hours, you can use the driving time effectively. And we only paid 37 euros 40 each for our ticket. And that for the first class! Someone says the train is expensive. And so in the end we reach our destination Radolfzell in a relaxed manner.

In Radolfzell we have chosen a zero energy hotel. There is no oil or gas heating here. You can stay climate-neutral in the hotel. The building generates most of the energy it needs itself through renewable energies. Photovoltaic systems in the facade and a wind turbine on the roof provide the electricity.

Vacuum tube collectors and a heat pump ensure that it is pleasantly warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer. Tell me, how did you like our journay? – Yes, totally great! We arrived here at Lake Constance so relaxed, we already had all our work done on the train and we had a nice evening, but tomorrow it could be a bit more stressful.

How long is your lecture actually going? – I think we should be through around 6 p.m. and then we could leave again quite soon. That’s great and some people would fly from Zurich to Berlin by plane and then you’d be home around midnight.

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