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Then today we will enjoy the day, tomorrow you will have your lecture and then we will give our viewers an insight into our bedroom.

Huh, jay! * Bells * We took the regional train from Radolfzell to Offenburg. How something like that looks like, you know, we didn’t record that on purpose. And now we’re here in Offenburg, waiting for the Nightjet.

Are you okay? – Yes. Yes, we’ve already put our luggage here. – Psst. Not so loud, some are already asleep. Okay, let’s try a little quieter. Let’s take a little tour here through our bedroom on the train. We didn’t get the best bedroom, that means we don’t have a toilet or shower here, that even exists, but we only have a sink.

But still! So that means brushing your teeth here, freshening up somehow works here. Light and electricity. Then we will just keep on looking around: This is the lower floor. What I wanted to show you, the last time we had a plastic cup.

This time (pling, pling), it’s glass. Here it goes up, the jacket is hanging in front of it. And up here is the second bed, with a belt that you still have to tighten in order not to fall out of bed at night. Yes, everyone also has a surprise bag, there are all sorts of important things in it.

Such as shoes, a towel and what is particularly important are the earplugs for the night, for those who are not so used to driving on the train and those who don’t want to hear the noise. And then there is also the bottle of sparkling wine and the water bottles. Everything is very clean, but the train material is getting a bit old.

ÖBB has already ordered new trains. – Wow, they look really chic, I’m looking forward to it! Well, unfortunately you have to be patient with the new waggons until 2022. Here on the train we even get breakfast. Why don’t you tell us about all the things that are available.

Yes, here you can choose a drink and then you can choose six components, from a variety of things, such as pastries and butter or margarine or the various toppings, only vegan is not too much. It’s a pity that the railroad doesn’t really like night trains anymore and completely repelled the train material and stopped the night trains.

Just ask your Verkehrsminister, ask the Deutsche Bahn board of directors why this is so. Eventually, the Austrians can handle it. If we want to get rid of airplanes in Europe, we need a well-developed network of night trains. That means that much, much more has to happen here but you can start dreaming about it! After all, we have trains that can go 250 kilometers per hour.

The distance from Berlin to Lisbon is about 2800 km. You can easily do that in 14 hours. Imagine, you start in Berlin at 6 p.m. and the next day at 8 a.m. you arrive in Lissab, well rested.

That would be visions! And if you can book the ticket completely online with Deutsche Bahn, without any difficulties, then we can get a lot of people to actually switch from the plane to the train. You saw that it is quite easy to get around without a plane. You can reach an incredible number of countries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Scandinavia, Paris or Moscow.

And we have easily reached Berlin Ostbahnhof again.

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