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Many doubt that it is even possible to go on a summer vacation with an electric car.

We have limited the range, we only charged at public charging stations and we still arrived without any problems. But there is still some room for improvement. And how smoothly electromobility can work, what still needs to be done we show you today in our video using the example of our return trip from French-speaking Switzerland to Berlin.

Intro music In our video “With the electric car into summer vacation. Is that even possible?” we have shown that you can definitely go on summer vacation with an electric car.

Even if you limit the range to less than 400 km and only charge at public charging stations. If you want to know how it worked, just watch the video linked here. Our vacation trip took us to the French-speaking Switzerland.

The glaciers indicate the massive changes. In the last 40 years the alpine glaciers have shrunk by a third. If we do not stop the climate crisis, the natural wonders could be completely gone by the end of the century. This then has a dramatic impact on many rivers and also on the drinking water supply in large parts of Europe.

In Germany, traffic caused around a sixth of carbon dioxide emissions and these have not decreased since 1990. If we want to stop the climate crisis, there is only one solution: We need fewer cars and these may be exclusively electric in 15 years and can only be charged with renewable energies.

Our first part of the trip showed that electromobility works today whichever car brand. but especially with charging cards or tariffs there is still some room for improvement. Prices of 59 or even 79 cents per kilowatt hour. These are not prices that are used to push electric mobility forward.

Only when the price is below 40 cents per Kilowatt hour the electric car is noticeably cheaper on the way than a comparable combustion car. This can be achieved. But to do this, you have to deal with the loading card chaos. Nobody wants that and that’s why we need a good transport and climate politic that ultimately regulates it.

What a pity that we do not have this in Germany yet! Hey Jake! – Yes, Ellwood? Why aren’t They on a mission from God? On our return trip with our Tesla to Berlin we will show you in what ways electromobility is already working optimally and where there is still room for improvement.

And we also make a few stops on the way back. But that has nothing to do with electromobility. But: We just don’t feel like driving 1300 kilometers in a row. Our first stage takes us from French-speaking Switzerland to Colmar in Alsace.

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