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From there it goes to Mainz, where we visiting relatives and friends for a few days.

From Mainz we then drive directly to Berlin, where then unfortunately our vacation comes to an end. Here in Switzerland, in the canton of Valais, we were fascinated by the fact that there are charging stations in many mountain villages.

Nobody has to worry about an empty battery here. It would be much more elegant if you can charge the electric car directly at the vacation home and then drive off. If you have a parking space in front of the holiday home, then the whole thing can be realized with the normal socket.

It would of course be even more elegant if each holiday home also has a wallbox for recharging. About the difference between loading from a socket and a wallbox you can find out in the video: “Wo sollen bloß all die Elektroautos laden?” which is linked above. Yes, and on the outward journey we also had a host who said that he would like to retrofit a wallbox soon because several holiday guests have asked for it.

So annoy your hosts! Because: Only if there is pressure here, then something will change. On the outward journey we drove without loading at Tesla Superchargers, we made a challenge.

On the way back we will of course charge a Tesla Supercharger, we want to show how comfortable driving with electric cars can be and we use the full functionality of the navigation system. First of all we can find out where Tesla Superchargers are. We have the red dots here that indicate the Supercharger.

Superchargers beyond our reach are shown in pale red. Then I can display how many charging places are available at which superchargers. and what the current occupancy rate is. And now if I enter our final destination here “Colmar”, then the navigation system calculates the route as we know it from other navigation systems.

It also plans everything including the charging stops, where we have to charge and how long. Have we packed everything? – I guess so. Well then, off to France! * Music (jazz drums)* The advantage of electromobility really becomes apparent in the mountains. We started at the top of the mountain with 372 km, drove about ten kilometers downhill.

Now have a range of 397 kilometers. While at best the brake discs of the combustion car glow, the battery of an electric car is charged and the range is increased. Music (jazz) We’re with the first Tesla Supercharger near Basel.

The stomach is hanging on the soles of our shoes and we need a reload. Then I’ll show you how easy it is: Just plug it in and go. No mess with charging cards, no problems with any tariffs and we here still have a fair tariff of approximately 28 cent per kilowatt hour. This is the way it should go everywhere! The car is already loading.

Dear German manufacturers: Audi, Daimler, BMW. Why can’t you manage to make it so easy for electric mobility? Music (jazz) With the battery charge we would still have come to Mainz by the skin of our teeth. But since we want to have a breakfast break anyway, we will now reload again.

And also here in France it is relatively easy. We just take the plug out, put it in and the system will automatically recognize our car and starts loading. Jazz music goes on again Yes with a good half-full battery we arrived here in Mainz and stay with the relatives for a few more days.

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