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Since the car stays here longer, we can also charge it comfortably with the household power socket.

. And then we can always go with a … knock knock Oops! Something even went really wrong with the loading. We cannot leave it like this, we will do it again.

The fact that it then takes several hours is not so bad. We can then always start excursions with a full battery and later on start the return trip to Berlin. Ok, then we want to draw an interim conclusion of our return journey. Yes we have loaded twice on the Tesla Supercharger.

The one time to avoid reaching the destination with the last percent of the battery charge because we have the roof box on top of the car and it reduces our range – and our route planner unfortunately does not take this into account. Otherwise, charging on the Tesla Supercharger is extremely convenient.

You have no problem with any loading cards – you don’t have to use any, that means nothing can go wrong here. Here, too, it cannot jam or stop anywhere. We didn’t have any problems on the way there either – there we did charge with charge cards at the fast chargers. But on the internet it is reported again and again that there can be such problems.

The price is also very transparent and fair. Everywhere in Germany you pay 33 cents per kilowatt hour, you know that beforehand and if you try to convert that to the consumption of a combustion car, then that’s a little less than 1 euro per liter of fuel, which is really a very good and fair price.

And abroad, the prices are also transparent and fair. In most cases even lower than in Germany. One can get these prices also with charge cards from other suppliers at fast charging stations, but you have to plan this and organize it well beforehand.

Yes, it is really very convenient: Simply plug in the plug and the car will be recognized automatically and afterwards it will be debited with the account details that you previously deposited. If you want to inspire the general public for electromobility, then all car manufacturers and charging station suppliers should be working on an easy and comfortable use everywhere.

Yes, but there is still room for improvement with the Tesla Superchargers. Yes, the older Tesla Superchargers are a bit weak on the chest. If many cars are charging there at the same time, the charging power is reduced and distributed among the cars.

Our Tesla Model 3 can charge with 150 kilowatts and we achieved that on the Eonity fast chargers already. Then the car is charged in 20 to 30 minutes.

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