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Many think you could have an electric car as a second car as the best.

Maybe you can go shopping with it or bring a letter to the mailbox. But as a fully valid family car? And then going on the big vacation trip with it? Hard to imagine for many. And that’s why we look at this video today to see, if an electric car can really take you on a big holiday trip, how much stress you have while driving and while charging.

And whether you even get there in the end. I’m curious. I am also very curious. This is our first big trip with the electric car. Intro: * Music * By the way: taking the car to the mailbox and then going to the gym, to work off the extra pounds, isn’t really that smart.

Exactly, and if we don’t want to ruin the climate and leave our children with catastrophic conditions, then in 15 years we must already become climate neutral. That means, cars with gasoline and diesel engines will no longer be allowed to be on the road.

We have to cut the number of cars in half. We need to ride bikes more often and and more rail and local public transport. That’s why we have this car here for five people. We all have a monthly ticket for the train, a bicycle and a “Bahncard”. In order to be able to become climate neutral in 15 years, we are already not allowed to buy new petrol and diesel cars.

In 15 years all cars will have to be electric and of course the electricity has to be 100% from renewable energies; powered by solar and wind energy. And, to answer some comments in advance: We didn’t get any money for this video.

Also no special conditions for our car or from electricity providers or providers of charging cards. Well me and the lord, we got an understanding. We’re on a mission from God. Small homage to our youth. And one can also stand up simply for a good cause. And of course an electric car also has a large ecological footprint.

But already today, it is significantly smaller than with gasoline and diesel cars. And only with electromobility we can reach climate neutrality in the end. I explained all of this in my Youtube video: ‘Quaschning2Go No.7’. We have linked this up here.

Back to our vacation trip: We have chosen a ‘Corona-compatible’ holiday destination: French-speaking Switzerland. Lonely mountains, large distances – at least I hope. From Berlin that’s around 1200 kilometers.

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