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Not really that huge distance for a car.

But possibly quite a challenge for an electric car. I think we’ll take a closer look at that on the route planner. Horn The total travel time is a good twelve hours. We need three charging stops with a total of about two hours. We should include this much time as a break anyway.

Right. And you ladies need an hour to stand in line for the bathroom anyway. And you gentlemen to eat. I think we need a charging station with a chip stand and toilet block. Let’s see if we can find something like that. But tell me something: Why is everyone always picking on the electric car? It’s not really a challenge, this course, is it? Yes, but not everyone has a Tesla.

Yeah, you’re right. If we turn it this way now, some people are gonna say: ‘Yes, not everyone has the money to buy a car with such a long range.’ And: ‘But if you don’t have a Tesla, then you can’t go to the Supercharger either.

‘ So that’s not how we’re going to convince people. Well, let’s make it a challenge, then. I think we are limiting the range to 400 kilometers. We charge everywhere at every public charging station, just not at Tessla Supercharger. And because the trunk is for all your holiday luggage, the ladies’ clothes, a bit to small anyway, we’ll put a roof rack on top.

Hey and if we put your huge hiking boots and camera gear in the trunk then it is full as well. So up with the roof rack and let’s go to the challenge. * Country music * So, the roof rack, that really narrows the range again.

Now our car is comparable to the cheaper electric car with a range of three to four hundred kilometers. They are already available in the golf class or significantly lower in price. But tell me, if we don’t charge with the Supercharger now, how do we get the car loaded? That was a rhetorical question, right? Hey you saw my video: “Where should all the electric cars charge?”, right? We have also linked that up over here.

That’s right! You have this long, red 50 m cable in here. And then we ring someone’s doorbell somewhere and plug it into the socket. Or we can find a public charging station where we can charge with a charge card.

Yes! You summarized that pretty well Ok, have you already got the charge card? Why – a single – charging card? I have the EinfachStrom-charge card from Maingau Energie, the NewMotion card – today Shell -, I got this one from Vattenfall’s: InCharge.

I have the GetCharge card – today Alpiq – and the Naturstrom charging card. You only get this if you buy electricity from Naturstrom. And the Plugsurfing key. Do you have a gold or a platinum charge card as well? You again! But there are truly more than 100 charge card providers and everyone has different prices.

Some charge all-inclusive – so you have a flat rate, you can charge as much as you want – others per kilowatt hour, others per time. And depending on which card you’re holding, there can be a price difference of 200-300%. And you can’t even charge everywhere with every card. Do I understand correctly: If I now hold the wrong charging card up to the charging station, then it either doesn’t work at all or I pay three times as much as with the right card? That can happen, yes.

Any why is this the case? Imagine if you drove your gasoline car to the gas station and then you couldn’t refuel, because you have the wrong fuel card with you or you would simply pay five euros for a liter of fuel.

Man, man, there would be something going on here in Germany. Yes. Then everyone would immediately scream for the legislator. They simply completely forgot about electromobility. Well, the government has somehow not yet recognized that the issues of energy transition and climate protection are important issues.

And that may take some time. And if we want to drive around with our electric car by then, I guess we’re gonna have to get used to the loading mess after all. Or just charge at home or at the supercharger? I can see our challenge becomes a real challenge.

It’s not that bad, because we have some electronic helpers in our luggage.

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