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With them we can manage it quite well after all.

Okay, then I’m fairly reassured. So tell me! The first application is evpass.App. You can start it in your browser and it’s based on going-electric, which I’ve described in the last video in which I have already explained the charging possibilities in detail.

Here we see along a route, which loading possibility you have and also, how fast you can load. The second app – which I need a smartphone for – is AirElectric. All charging points are entered here as well. And we also have price information for each charging station, that means which charging card is cheapest there.

I think with both applications we will get there quite well. And if it works, we’ll see on the way I’m really looking forward to our adventure. Fortunately, we don’t rush through completely. Yes, if you just want to arrive, the electric car is just like the antique combustion car, the completely wrong mode of transport.

Then it is better to go by train, at least on the way there is also relaxation. Exactly, when I start reading while driving, I always feel sick. But with us the journey is the destination. Exactly! Germany is far too beautiful to just rush through – and that’s why we make a few stops along the way.

The first stop is Eisenach. – Take a look at the Wartburg and get a taste of the Luther feeling. Then it goes on to Böblingen. – Böblingen? Oh yes, visiting friends. The next stop is Titisee. – In the Schwarzwald. Then it goes on to Interlaken. – In Switzerland.

Say, are the charging cards also valid abroad? Hmm no idea! We’ll take it by surprise. But if we’re a little lucky, we’ll even reach our final goal. Veysonnaz, how is that actually spoken? – No idea. Ok, the main thing is that we know: it’s in French Switzerland and very close to the Mont Blanc.

Actually a ski resort. There shouldn’t be much going on in summer. Just the thing for the ‘Corona time’. Fine! I’m looking forward to Switzerland then let’s pack up. Music Ok do we have everything? Um? Kevin, where the hell is Kevin? We don’t have someone named Kevin in our family. Puh. I think we’ll have everything then.

Great, then let’s go to Eisenach. Yes, now the application evpass is used. I entered our first route, Berlin – Eisenach, and it is now filtered so that only the charging stations are displayed where we can charge with our charging cards and which have a CCS connector.

CCS connector? Oh yes, you already explained that in your last ‘car-charging’ video. Exactly, these are the ones where we can charge really fast – this is the special plug for it. And we also have different colors: That means the orange and the green charging stations, these are the ones where we need a little more time.

And the ones that are pretty powerfull – i.e. where we get going quickly again – are the purple charging stations. Okay, are you ready? Sure, step on the __ battery. Music Time for a break! Yes, with the Air-Elektric app, I can now see which charging cards are working. Above all, what they cost.

The prices vary considerably from a good 13 € to 29,77 € at the end. I’ll have a look for the 13 € charge card. Music * other music * 31 minutes for 55 kilowatthours and the whole thing for a good ten euros. Not bad! And now it’s on to Eisenach. Four hours drive to Eisenach, half an hour charging break.

This is quite a good cut, we were positively surprised by our first trip day.

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