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Now it’s time for a little stroll through town and a bit of food in Eisenach.

We just use the time to fill the car up again. The battery is still half full. Tomorrow we would like to start again with a full battery. Yes, I’ll get the charging cable then. Music Again, it is worth taking a look at the Air-Elektric App.

Namely: with the different charging cards, the charging prices vary between around 5 € and 15 €. With the right card, however, it is relatively inexpensive. Music Our first holiday destination is the Wartburg. – Picobello restored in the course of the Luther year. Luther probably would not have recognized the castle.

From the Wartburg you have a great view over the surrounding forest. But it is frightening in which dramatic state the German Forest is. The climate crisis with its years of drought did a great job. If we do not stop the climate crisis, our children will no longer be able to experience the forest as we know it.

And that again turns into fuel for the climate crisis. In Germany, traffic causes around one sixth of climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions. If we want to save the forest, petrol and diesel cars will no longer be allowed to be on the road in 15 years.

We’re full, we’ve seen a beautiful city and the car has been fully loaded for a long time. We didn’t pay anything for parking either. Now to the hotel and tomorrow it goes on to Böblingen. * epic music * Yes, we’ve been on the road from Eisenach for three hours now, our stomach growls, the battery is empty.

Time for a loading-stop. And the same game as yesterday the same charge card and off you go. music other music epic music more epic music Yesterday was nice with our friends, wasn’t it? – Yes, very nice! Yes, in Böblingen yesterday we didn’t feel like driving to a charging station anymore.

Now it’s on to the Titisee in the Schwarzwald. There are relatively few fast chargers and that’s why we use the last chance, now on the highway, to make the battery completely full again. And again we are almost alone – here at the numerous charging stations – even though it is holiday time.

And in 20 minutes the battery is already full, then we’ll move on. Say: Can the other electric cars charge that quickly as well? That depends on the car. The Tessler here charges with 150 kW. Then we have about 20 minutes to fill our battery up again. If we now have a look at other cars, for example the Zoe or the Nissan, they would take a little longer.

From Audi, the E-tron, has the same charging power. And the new VW ID.3 has a little less, but comes in about the same order of magnitude. And then there’s the Porsche Tycan, which can even charge twice as fast. The car would be full in ten to 15 minutes.

It wasn’t a problem at all so far. Well, that was the last few days in Germany. But today we are in Switzerland, whereby: When I look around here, the fast chargers are just as empty as in Germany.

Let’s see if there are any problems here. Why don’t you start charging? Okay, I’ll do that. Music We don’t even have problems here in the Swiss! on-hold music * epic ‘Star Wars’ music * The Alpine glaciers are particularly impressive here. They are a particularly good indicator of the consequences of the climate crisis.

Since the turn of the millennium, the Alpine glaciers have shrunk by around 20 %. If we don’t stop the climate crisis, the alpine glaciers will be history by the end of the century. One more reason for the traffic transition with electric mobility: music dramatic music Today we have to stop for the very first time even though we don’t need a break.

Indeed, there were hotels in Interlaken where one could load the car right at the hotel, only they were relatively expensive. Our hotel did not have this chance and also in the closer surroundings of the hotel we had no loading possibility.

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