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Here, charging is carried out using high direct currents.

And there are basically two standards for this: The first standard is ‘Chademo’. It is still common standard for Asian cars. The second standard is ‘CCS’. This is used for European car brands and the Tesla Model 3. You do not need your own charging cable for the quick charging station.

Like an antique gas station, the charging cables are already on. I can just go connect the cable to the car, then unlock the station with the loading card and the charging can start. Yes, quick charging stations have a real power: With the Chademo plug you can charge up to 60 kilowatts, with the CCS, up to 300 kilowatts.

That means: 1670 kilometers originate in one hour. A car that – like here – has a range of around 500 kilometers would be fully charged in 20 minutes. I say ‘would’: because most cars are not yet able to work with very high charging capacities.

Often it ends at 150 kilowatts. Then charging such a car takes about three-quarters of an hour. But I think that’s – after a ride of 500 kilometers – tolerable as a break. Here we are at a Tesla quick charging station, also called Tesla Supercharger. We also have two plugs again, but this is a plug that only works with Tesla.

With the old model S or the previous variants. Here: with Model 3 we have the European CCS again and I can simly put that in my socket. And the cool thing is: Since I have an account with Tessler, the charging station recognizes my car immediately. I don’t have to make any selections don’t have to unlock anything, the charge works and starts by itself.

It is billed at the end, for the fair price. And I think that’s what electromobility has to look like Well, that is the future here. Finally, a word again to all skeptics who think: ‘Our networks will collapse, if we have fast chargers everywhere and then charge five million electric cars at the same time.

‘ I explained these and other prejudices on my video: Quaschning2go, episode number 7 in more detail on my channel. You can look at that and with a very simple example – a very simple consideration – you can realise that this is nonsense.

If five million combustion cars – i.e. gasoline and diesel cars – wanted to fill up at the same time, distributed to all gas stations, you can also think about what would be going on. We have hundreds of cars that would line up at any gas station. You would have to wait for hours to get it.

Traffic in Germany would collapse and the last in the row would not get any fuel at all because it was already finished. Exactly as it won’t work with combustion engines – but this extreme scenario will not appear – We will – of course – never see this with electric cars.

So you saw in this video today that charging electric cars is no longer a problem. Electric cars are becoming more and more comfortable, the ranges of the batteries are increasing And the number of charging stations also increases steadily. If you really want to do something good for climate protection, it would of course be even better if you try to completely go without the car: so by public transport or the bike.

Because: We have to cut the number of cars in half for climate protection in the next 20 years. The number must not be as large as it is today. And the cars that are left: all have to be climate-neutral – i.

e. without petrol and diesel. What you shouldn’t do under any circumstances, would be: to decide for a new petrol or diesel car, that – at the end of the day – no one wants. Because: This is poison for the climate. And: No, not him again! Here is Volker Quaschning’s voice machine: I am not available for purchase premiums for diesel and petrol vehicles.

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