The adorable Corgi born with one eye and two noses was saved from euthanasia and now is living her best life defying the odds

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Korgi Nekku was born with numerous pathological diseases. She had a nearby eye, but she developed two noses and a function of her spinal cord.

Veterinarians had a very poor view of the dog’s later life, and they offered the breeder an euthanasia “so that it would not suffer.” He thought about it for a long time, and he finally decided that no one would take the puppy, so he agreed. From Finland, an unexpected telephone call saved the necqui from death. The man is Jarmo Korhonen, who immediately shot him on the Internet when he saw a photo of the puppy. He invited the breeder to give it to him, where he already had two more corgis, their nuns— Niyski-Nitty and Kartki.

Nekku’s owner was not happy with the fact that he would hand over the dog to someone else. The dog now lives on a nest that can only be dreamed of. In his appearance, he is very different from the rest of the animals, Nekku is more fluctuating because of cenetary disorders, and he is very slow to walk because of spinal problems. When the owner takes the corgi for a walk, he needs to stop occasionally so that the dog can rest because he cannot walk for long. Many people ask Jarmo about the unusual appearance of his pet.

Even his friends were surprised by Nekku’s appearance. “When it was still a puppy,” recalls Jarmu, “Nisko-Nachi often looked at his face for a long time. Naturally, the dog did not understand why the friend was not like him. True, the breeder did not believe that the corgi could live a long time, even though Nekku was still alive and felt very good. But Nekku had a problem navigating the space’s sleeve because he struck his head repeatedly.

Later, Jarmo decided to take the dog to his tattoo for permanent residence. But from time to time he sees Niyski-Nach and Karkin. In the new house, Nekku ran a lot in the courtyard, even stealing gossipers from the garden. Although he knew that such a thing could not be done. The fluffy animal of all the bad predictions lived very good and funny, says Jarmo.

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