Meet Chris Barnes, an Australian hero, who devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroos in his homeland

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Chris Barnes is the hero of the day in Australia. To his credit, there are more than 30 rescued kangaroos left without parental care.

The Kangaroos were sadly afraid of vehicles. They were rushing and hitting them. The calves waited for their parents, and then they died of hunger. In 2005, Chris created his own center in Springs, where he brought in bags of living chicks. After years of cleaning up the buses, he purchased 90 acres [90 ha] of land and established a private area to grow and abort pets.

Chris is called the Australian Crane. The BBC made a film about him called “Kangaroo Dundee”. The miniseries received international acclaim and many people’s love for Chris began to grow.

Chris, as he always stayed, lives with his Joyannes, as he called them. Nani wrapped them in cover and fed them with a spoon. The Kangaroos ran after him, considered him a real mother. He told me that he loved sitting in front of the patio, enjoyed drinking beer, and watching the large family of kangaroos spin on the lawn.

In a nutshell, he appreciated the addiction to kangaroos.
Also, his hospital accommodation is the first veterinary clinic in its kind to be located in a private area. This can set a very good idea and example for the rest to do so and repeat the good work.

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