This Texas ranch is using the healing power of horses to help veterans of the military find peace

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Knapp served in Afghanistan. Realizing how difficult it was to return, he created the restoration ranch. Returning to peace could be a difficult test for him, armed with former participants.

The challenges of dealing with mental and physical distress can lead to drinking, drugs, or suicide. Derek Knapp created a restoration ranch farm in view of this. The horses that Darek had rescued from cruel owners lived under his shadow. These animals can feel angry, sad, or lonely.

But victory was very positive for the horses because they become kinder and learn to trust people. “Veterans don’t want to feel helpful and unnecessary. They always want to be useful and important and help others. “We are very conscious of what happened. “This has led us to create our rehabilitation program with horses that have been subjected to violence and now need help,” said Derek Knapp.

What you can do in Restoration Ranch: learn horse riding free of charge
take care of horses. Communicate with horses to relieve stress and relieve negative emotions. For every person on the farm, they find a horse with a character that helps a person feel calm and confident.

“Horses feel human emotions, so this can help many veterans cope with their psychological trauma. Especially if they are not yet ready to share their pain with people,” Derek said. In addition, the farm can be used to grow vegetables or engage in construction activities. Physical work also helps to release negative emotions.

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