The kitten clings to the sanitation workers who at the very last moment rescued him from the garbage bag

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William Montero and John Case empty the trash boxes, which he did during each shift. However, one day the flap that appeared in the bag surprised them and they were taken away.

Together, William Montero and John Case decided to discover the sound of the sound. To do this, they carefully removed the garbage bag, and the men falsely admitted that they had a demon that the sound could be heard by the child, but it was not the case, and they crouched there.

The little puppy stretched out his head all the time, and William quickly pulled him out of the bag, wiped the filth of his eyes, plucked the dirt on him, and took it. The cat was terribly frightened and held on to his rescuer. For safety, they also inspected the remaining bags, and there were other animals.

But there were no animals other than the red four-legged being found. They decided to put the cat in the box, but the alphabet was afraid of the limited space and refused to stay there. The pit animal tried to climb into William’s arms and did not want to let him go. They took the cat to a veterinarian’s research.

Therefore, the men decided to call their boss and explained the situation. The head immediately came to them, took the kitten and took it to the veterinarian. It turned out that Hope had an eye and respiratory tract infection. However, doctors were able to help him. The rescuers themselves did not forget about the baby, but visited and brought toys. Subsequently, the cat went to the family for temporary housing, in order to continue his treatment.

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