This ‘bizarre’ creature is a giant sunfish spotted by two friends while paddling near off California shoreline

Two friends decided to row, but in addition to them, one of their acquaintances was waiting. They encountered huge fish.

Rich German and Matt Wheaton live on Laguna Beach in California. They came to swim and row along the shore, and suddenly they saw a giant fish. “It was excellent,” she says, “and I often encounter dolphins and whales. But you will never know what you will encounter next time.” Rich Germain shared his impressions. He compared the length of the fish to his 14-foot [14 m] board and noticed that it was about six feet [9 m] long. In Germany’s view, he has seen sunflower flowers for years.

They were all swimming farther from the shore, and that was at least half the float he encountered. Upon returning home, friends began searching for information about the sunflower. In 1996, a Japanese fisherman grabbed 11 fish weighing 5,070 pounds [5,070 kg] and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Rich and Matt believe that their fish are bigger than the record holder. They decided to consult with marine scientists to see if they could calculate the size of the fish more acrimoniously based on the size of the rowing board. Julian Stiers, a spokeswoman for the Coalition for the Coalition for the Environmental Protection of the Beach, said sunflower fish that friends have seen are greater than their average. However, real and accurate sizes are hard to pinpoint.

The sunflower, also known as mola, is the world’s largest bone fish by its weight. The medium-sized fish weighs approximately 2,000 pounds [2,000 kg]. Julian Stiers called the mall “uncomfortable” fish that loves swimming in the surface sun. The expert jokes that these fish are like some crazy scientist in their fiction and collection.

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