Chinese miracle – panda puppies, completely similar to real panda bears, were born from an ordinary mongrel

In a small Chinese village in Jiangxu province, three cubs were born looking like panda cubs. The mother of these wonderful cubs has been mingled with special attention among those around her.

Ling So, the owner of a dog that gave birth to unusual puppies, was surprised that all three puppies were coloured, exactly the same as the pandas. They are nothing like any of their parents. Because it’s not just the mother, but their father is totally gray and subtle.

Soon the media found out about panda chicks, and photos of the baby’s “pandas” circulated around the World.Ling received hundreds of offers each day about buying her pets, but she wasn’t in a hurry to sell the puppies.

I won’t sell them yet, they’re too young. And I don’t want to be separated from them. They’re very cute.Real pandas, especially when I put them next to their bamboo tree, but they don’t eat it! Ling so jokes.

Not only are ordinary people interested in puppies, but also experts who think there’s every opportunity to create a new breed of panda-colored dogs.

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