Max, the Miniature Schnauzer, lost for 2 years is reunited with his family just in time for Christmas

More than two years ago, little schnuzer Max, who lived with his family in El Paso, Texas, ran through an open gate and got lost.

His master, Jessenia Madrigal, was discouraged by the fact. The woman and her husband phoned everyone they could, and they were looking for their dog everywhere. Eventually, five years after the dog disappeared, the family moved to Omaha. Knowing that Max had a microchip, he updated his address with the American Dogs Association, which led to the return of the animal to the family. About a month earlier, Max had met caring Ishmael Botello.

Surprisingly, it happened within 5 minutes of walking from the former house in Madrigal. A lonely dog attracted the man’s attention, and he called the dog and approached him. Ismail went to a veterinary clinic to check that the animal had a microchip and scanned it. The man called Jessen to let him know about the happy news. But then a new problem arose: Ismael has created an account on GoFundMe where people can organize fundraising for various purposes.

But he was stopped when a stranger from Nebraska offered to take care of all the expenses for the customs trip. which Ismail had already collected at that time was enough to pass a veterinary examination and the procedures necessary for Max. The family was excited about the return of their pet, and this story can be called a true Christmas miracle.

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