A talented nine-year-old boy paints stunning animal portraits, exchanging them for food and medicine for animal shelters

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9-year-old Pavel Abramov from city of Arzamas, Russia, decided to start helping a shelter for dogs.

To feed all the animals there (about 100) a day, it takes a minimum of 45 pounds [45 kg] of porridge and the same amount of meat. A boy can draw and even sell his work to buy himself a new phone or a new phone. But instead of buying it, Pavel buys food for animals and medicines that he takes to the shelter.

The loss of a cat named Barcelona carried the boy very hard. Afterward, he began to pay close attention to helpless and stray animals wandering the streets. He wants to help them to do something useful. The boy was supported by his mother as the authors of the Good Paint Brush Project.

In this project, everything should be simple and transparent, not to leave behind business transactions, and everything must be done from the heart. They wanted a lot of marquees to take care of the needs of the shelter. Explains young artist Pavel’s mother to order pets, according to photographs of pets and the owner’s stories.

In exchange for these tasks, he receives veterinary medicines, dog food, and meat—all that can be useful for shelter. Honors began to come not only from Russia but also from other animal lovers.
People from Germany and Spain also wanted to get a portrait of their pet and share in the charity. The number of orders began to increase so rapidly that new orders temporarily began to be rejected. The boy managed to get 100 pounds [100 kg] of veterinary medicine and yes supplies for 40 jobs he had completed. Thus, we realized that even a little talented man’s desire was enough to change the world for the better.

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