Teenage girl finds dying of starvation horse on her route and walks with the horse 9 miles back home

This is a very touching story about a brave and kind girl and a horse. Nowadays very seldom people may hear such a courageous act, especially by a teenage girl.

Kelsey and her mother from Illinois were driving in their trailer to their location. Happily, they took a different route that day, and suddenly they noticed an animal lying on the grass near the road. They stopped to see what was there.

Perhaps this poor horse was not useful for work, and the master had decided to leave the eggs on the road.Who could have done such a terrible thing? It’s just an inhumane act. There was another option for this situation: The horse could just run away from its bad handlers in search of food.

However, Kelsey and her mother immediately began taking steps to help the weak horse. They tried to bring the horse to their trailer but failed. So the brave girl found another way to help the horse. Though it was hard to accomplish that idea because they had to walk about nine miles, they did it anyway, and they were able to return to Kelsey’s house. Then the whole family did everything they could to bring the poor horse to life. Fortunately, they managed to save him. The horse sleeps for about five days, which worried the whole family. Kelsey spent all day in the barn praying for the horse, thanks to God and their tremendous efforts, the horse was saved.

He began calling the horse, the Sun. Now they are good friends and cannot imagine life without each other. They both found love and mutual trust in each other.

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