Ashes the cat went missing in 2015 and more than 6 years later she was found 1,400 miles away

The ash cat had disappeared in 2015. The hosts searched for him for several weeks in nearby locations but sadly to no avail. The cat was miraculously found about six years later.

By this time, the cat had traveled more than 1,400 miles. The ashes were taking place in Maine with his masters. In 2014, the cat was adopted by a woman named Silly. In 2015, the Ashes fled home. It wasn’t until six years later that Killie received a call from a veterinarian in Florida, and she was just amazed at the news. The veterinarian said the cat had been found. Sillie did not understand what she was talking about at first. Because he had not lost a single cat in Florida. When the doctor described the cat’s striped appearance, Silly realized that it was about ashes that had long been lost. Microchip helped him find the catwalk.

The veterinarian learned that the cat had been adopted from a shelter and had previously lived in Maine. Transporting animals from Florida to Maine was a very debacle. In order to do this, Silly created a fundraiser, and of course it was necessary to pay the clinic’s clinic a substantial amount of money to bring the cats. The woman did not have that much money. Sillie thought at first, and it would be easier for her to find a new home for a cat in Florida. But then he realized that he had to return the cat to his beloved owners.

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