In Indonesia a crocodile who lived for 5 years with a tyre around his neck is miraculously rescued

The five-foot-long [5 m] reptile had to live on its neck for five years. Over the years, animal lovers have always tried to help him. This story took place in the city of Palu on the island of Sulawesi.

The crocodile with a neck tire was first spotted in 2016. For five years now, local residents have been trying to feed the animal. Likewise, the authorities promised a reward for marquees who could do so. A professional hunter from Australia arrived in Palin to help the crocodile.

The man tried to catch the reptile for about 10 days, but he did not succeed. Two years later, 34-year-old bird seller Tilly tried to help the crocodile. For 3 weeks he distracted the reptiles with ducks. Finally, the man managed to catch the reptile with the help of strong nylon ropes, because the usual rope was cut twice. “Till dragged the crocodile to the shore together with the locals”

“The reptile was incredibly heavy, everyone was sweating and very tired,” the hero shared his impression. Eventually the tire broke and the crocodile headed for the river. This brave hero refused the award. He said that he just wanted to help the suffering and helpless crocodile.

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