A diver has captured the incredible moment he came face to face with an abnormally gargantuan shark

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On the shores of Florida, 55-year-old diver John Moore saw a huge shark.

The man posted a photo of the predator on his Instagram page. Several different sharks were swimming next to John Moore, but the giant shark caught the man’s attention.

In his opinion, the predator could be angry. The man came to this conclusion because of the shark’s behavior. “In all probability, she is pregnant and, of course, she does not miss any food.

“I feel very good that he is swimming. “He was a very dominant shark, confidently swimming when he came to me,” said John. Taurus sharks are quite lazy and swim very slowly. The food consists mainly of large invertebrates, small sharks, other fish and dolphins. In addition, any emissions are swallowed with a live victim. At birth they are about 60 centimeters. In adulthood, the length can reach up to 1.5 – 2.5 meters.

Their pregnancy lasts 10-11 months, after which the female gives birth to 3-13 cubs. Males are very aggressive towards any potential opponent, which can sometimes be considered even a human. Their testosterone levels are higher than the spinal cord of any other living thing, which is partly explained by their aggression.

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