Rejected by his herd sick baby elephant found comfort and high spirit in former service dog 

Elephants are known for their high intellect. They are also highly social animals, who are flourishing in their herd.

Eli met a little elephant, whose chronicle he had rejected because of his chronic illness. He could not survive alone in the wild. Fortunately, volunteers from the Reno Orphanage rescued him and brought the poor baby to Zululand Sanctuary, where he received special care.

Although the orphanage was focused on caring for rhinos, Eli was not distracted, moreover, the staff did their best to invent a new milk formula, as he was allergic to any type of milk. They used well-cooked rice and added minerals and proteins. So Ellie slowly gained weight and gained strength, she recovered from her illness, but something was missing anyway. He felt very alone.

Ellie faced psychological issues having no opportunity to interact with his elephant family. The staff didn’t know how to help the poor creature with his social needs. But the support was very close. It was a former service dog, named Duma, who saved the sad elephant from his sorrow.

As soon as the Duma arrived, they immediately started a new friendship and soon became inseparable. They played on a pile of sand and loved to chase each other. Ellie was happy and very happy. He found happiness and comfort in his new friend. Dumas helped him overcome his grief and loneliness.

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