Railway cats: how stray cats saved the Diorama restaurant in Japan from from closing because of the Pandemic

In Japan, Naoki Teraoka almost lost his restaurant business due to financial difficulties.

But the homeless cats helped him escape. In 2018, Naoka Terraoka opened a small business in Osaka, which she called “Diorama”. Its peculiarity was the small models of railways with small trains, bridges, stations and even small workers.

The institution became popular, but in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was on the verge of closing. The man and his business were saved by stray cats.

When the four-legged animal decided to go to the Diorama, the Japanese did not evict him, but rather fed him and allowed him to play on model trains. The cat began to return to the institution and bring with it some four-limbed animals.

Then Naoki wanted to take pictures of funny animals and publish photos on social networks. This attracted the attention of people who specially came to the institution to look at the furry mischief-makers.

The visitors were delighted with the cats that played with the figurines and were affectionate with people. All this made Naoki Teraoka popular and helped to avoid closure.

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