The owner couldn’t do anything to help her horse, stuck in a quagmire, but she didn’t leave her pet until the last moment

On Sunday evening, as usual, Nicole Graham rode her horse on her way home. Everything started well, the sun was warming and the wind was blowing, there was no one around. 

Suddenly the horse accidentally slipped and fell into a very dangerous swamp. Nicole got off her horse and tried her best to help her, but unfortunately nothing happened.

Astro could not even stand up with the help of his master, as he weighed about 500 kilograms.

He was terrified, and he was pushing hard enough to get out. However, fear only harmed the drowning animal in this situation, so the horse plunged deeper and deeper into that terrible swamp.

The woman did everything she could to help her beloved pet, but they did not raise it or take it out.

He could only drown the horse’s face in the mud. So Nicole was saving him from a certain death.

For three hours in a row, the horse and its owner struggled against the threat of suffocation without help. But at last they saw one of the locals. Naturally, he rushed to their aid and was the first to call the rescuers.

Finally, rescuers arrived and quickly pulled the horse out with the help of several dozen people and a tractor.

Miss Graham, like her living Astro, was terribly stressed, and they were both very tired. The woman could not calm down for a long time. He was even given a sedative.

But after resting at home, Nicole was washing and cleaning her favorite animal from the mud of the swamps and she was able to clean herself.

This story teaches the public about mutual compassion and help for each other.

It was only thanks to the strong owner of the horse that Astro survived.

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