The wolf fell into the pit, he was rescued by a forester. A year later, the wolf again called the man to the same pit …

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One day while a forester was driving on a snowmobile in the area, he spotted a wolf that had fallen into a ditch. The man saw that after a few minutes the animal could not get out on its own, and he decided to go down and help the wolf.

The wolf was old and could not find food on its own, so he soon settled with a forester in the yard. And that man had a lot of contact with the animal in a short time.

Years passed … One morning the forester noticed that the wolf was behaving very strangely. He grabbed her sharply and ran away from the yard. Then the man heard his animal screaming and realized where he was. The wolf called him to that gorge.

At the bottom of the pit sat a tired woman, she could not get out, she lost all hope.

It was very cold outside, so it was necessary to go to work immediately. The man came down with a rope and tried to help the woman. But they could not forget each other. That woman soon became his wife. And the wolf lived with them as if thanking the man for his kindness.

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