Here’s what fashionable wedding dresses looked like more than 50 years ago

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Fashion is a phenomenon that is changing rapidly. Even what was considered very beautiful 5 years ago can now cause frustration and backward thinking.

It is necessary to talk about things that 20-30 years ago were considered foolishly fashionable. And today we are going to show you what was the most fashionable wedding dress more than 50 years ago.

that time, a wedding dress was considered beautiful if it was puffy. And we are talking not only about the lower part, but on the head, again, there should have been, say, a hat or a wreath of flowers.

Flowers were hung from the hair of the bride and this had its effect.

And of course, what is a wedding without a decorated wedding car!

Then they often decorated it with a doll, which also wore a wedding dress. This doll was attached to the car cover.

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