How one of the most memorable participants of the famous show Tatyana Lapchenko looks now

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There is a program on Ukrainian television that has already helped thousands of people. One of the participants was a resident of the city of Tatiana Lapchenko in Sumy. He came to the first season of the project.

For more than 10 years a woman lived and suffered from a very serious illness that was manifested after the procedures. Before that, our heroine was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Tatiana developed lipostasis.

The local doctors did not know what to do. As a result, it was decided to find doctors abroad. A corresponding hospital was found in Germany. Those present were able to raise quite a lot of money for Tatiana, and she left for Germany for a few months.

Thanks to massages, balanced physical activity and support from the best doctors, Tatiana was able to achieve excellent and final results. His legs became 2.5 times smaller than before, he could not only walk, but he could even run. The woman lost weight and began to look more and more beautiful.

Some time later, Tatiana visited the program again to share her plans for the future and to express her deep gratitude to the program and the viewers who helped her.

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