A German Shepherd surprisingly managed to tread water for at least 11 hours rescuing his owner’s life

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Dog saves his owner’s life 

The heroic deed of the brave German Shepherd surprised and delighted everyone in Brisbane.

Thanks to the efforts of the dog, which was able to pour water for more than 11 hours, he saved his master’s life.

The German Shepherd has also been spotted by some fishermen who suspect something is wrong when they see the dog swimming around some of the floating objects.

They called the Moreton Bay police department for a help, which arrived immediately.

Later a helicopter, Coast Guards and 4 police vessels joined them to undertake their rescue.

At first, they managed to pull the exhausted, poor dog out of the water and take him to a local veterans’ clinic. Heidi, that’s the dog’s name, fortunately had no injuries and was not life-threatening.

A few minutes later, after saving the dog, the rescue team found Heidi’s owner, as well. The old man was climbing on the sunken boat.

Later he told that his 13.5-foot vessel losing power, took on water and  began to sink.

At that very moment, he and his clever dog were separated. Since that moment Heidi was swimming 11-hours until she was noticed by the  fishmen.

Luckily, the owner was not only saved but had no injuries, as well. So, he was alive thanks to his brave and faithful dog.

Shortly afterwards, the police department issued a security alert for anyone coming out of the sea.

Watch, please, the below video!

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