Looks 70. How does the 27-year-old «old woman» and her sons, who have aged prematurely

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Ekaterina Neghents was born with premature aging. The 27-year-old now looks like she is 70 years old. Katya became famous for participating in popular performance shows.

Because of caring people, she underwent plastic surgery and says that she has gained self-confidence and is trying to live a perfect and full life. Katya’s husband and her children

Most people may think that a woman lacks love and a man who loves her, but she already has a young man in her life. His former colleague tried to justify him by phone. He considered it a misunderstanding and immediately fell in love with the voice of a stranger.

The telephone conversation ended with the marrige. Katya delivered 2 boys, but sadly the younger of them inherited her unusual feature.

The father began to spread rumors that the boy with the “defect” could not be his son. And so Katya could not stand such nonsense from her husband.

Now the woman’s boyfriend acts well towards her boy. And she isn’t quick to marry him.

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