Gorilla can’t stop kissing her newborn baby. She covers the baby monkey with warm kisses

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A gorilla is a large monkey that is as tall as a man, but is considered much larger and stronger than him. These animals are distinguished by their brain size, calmness and typical human kindness, if they give the same answer to them. Gorillas live in Africa.

Gorillas live in groups and spend almost half of the day looking for food. They move a lot and can walk on two legs, but prefer to lean on their hands or move through trees.

A group of gorillas usually consists of one male and several females and young. The male is considered the leader and decides where their flock will go and where it will stop. Even if there are grown males in the herd, only the leader has the right to marry other females.

Females give birth to pups every 4 years, usually one pup. Mothers carry their babies on their backs until they can walk and climb trees on their own. And even after that, the baby stays with the mother until she is 5 years old.

Gorillas become completely independent and mature by the age of 10. The author of the video below shows the gorilla’s reverent feelings for her baby.

“The first-time mommy gorilla can’t stop covering her newborn with kisses. Kalaya is a 15-year-old western lowland gorilla. She has just given birth to a son and is showing him affection.

The baby was named Mokki, which means “little” in Lingala. Before giving birth, the trainer taught Kalaya the basic and basic skills of motherhood, such as kissing and grooming, to make it more likely that she would take full care of Moki.

What they saw at the zoo was like an endless gorilla caring for its young.

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