They were adored all over the world: what the main characters of the Blue Lagoon look like after 40 years

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During the Soviet Union alone, the movie “Blue Lagoon” was watched by more than 40 million viewers! The film was about the fate of two small children who somehow had to survive and live in the wild, shattering the souls of the majority of the population of our planet.

For 40 years, the first full part of the film has been released. It is obvious that everyone is very interested in the fate of the actors in the main photo of the film.

Brooke Shields

The debut of a charming actress with unique beauty took place at the age of 14. Despite the fact that the painting was a huge success, Brooke’s game against Smith was broken by critics.

She has only twice won the Golden Raspberry Anti-Competition Award for her worst female role. However, the beautiful actress still continues to be filmed in films, although the roles she has created are not considered the best.

Christopher Atkins

This charming and talented actor was also awarded the Golden Raspberry Award. After that, everyone started mocking him and Brooke, saying that the title could not bring the desired success to the actors.

But on the contrary, this role played by Christopher became the most successful role in his acting career, as he had never had such a victory in his life.

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