Woman Spent Fortune On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Kim Kardashian & Now Warns Young Women Against It Saying She’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive’

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We all already know that the 21st century is full of information. From our phones to laptops, to our TVs, we are constantly watching the news or gossip. Not surprisingly, some people may be overwhelmed and tired of the constant flow of information.

A young woman, seeing famous people, their body shape and lifestyle, guided her to pursue all this on her own. Jennifer Pamplona started having plastic surgery at the age of 17, when she paid a lot of attention to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. He said that he believes that the Kardashian family is a school of life for him in all matters.

Eleven years later, Pamplona is now 28 years old and says she has never made such a decision to have plastic surgery in such a small space. Pamplona said that as a girl she was abused for her height and thinness, which eventually played a big role in the lack of confidence in her body. She wore larger clothes to make her body look fuller.

At the age of 17, he persuaded his grandmother to sign a document that would allow her to acquire the right to breast augmentation. It was the first precondition that would change his life forever, turning on a light in him, so that he could be more like celebrities and less like herself.

Years later, when the young girl began her plastic surgery procedure, she became very much like any other human being. In total, Pamplona had four ribs removed from her body, boom filters and barefoot work to look more like Kardashian. In total, he spent more than $ 500,000 to transform his body. Pamplona now has a different view on the issue, she was in favor of young women and girls staying away and not resorting to plastic surgery in life.

In an exclusive interview with The Irish Sun in 2021, Pamplona said:

“I warn girls to stay away from surgeries and similar procedures, because making a decision is something that lasts a lifetime and they do not record how you really feel.”

“But I think the influence of the Kardashians is a big problem, many people want to be like them, that’s why now all young women and girls are like each other and look the same,” she said.

“They all have the same face, nose and lips, but it certainly will not make them completely happy. Surgery is only part of the solution, they also need help from a psychologist. “I regret that I underwent surgery for the first time, I was not very mature then and I was thinking completely differently to understand the consequences of having plastic surgery.”

After more than 40 surgeries in just ten years, Pamplona has been outspoken and said that all of his surgeries will have a devastating effect on his health for the rest of his life.

“I am lucky to be healthy, I spent more than 20 days in bed, and my body had to resist anyone to fight all the poisoning inside me.”

“I still have internal fears that I will not be able to walk in the future, and it will all be because the doctor injected a permanent filler into my leg, which slows down blood circulation.”

Learning a lesson later in life, the woman, who underwent more than 40 surgeries, urged young women why they should not follow her example.

“I advise them not to have surgery in their lives, because it can not solve all your problems and it can easily turn into an addiction,” said Pamplona.

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