Man Recycles Double-Decker Into Working Home With Multiple Rooms

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In 2018, a father from London managed to turn an old double-decker bus into a three-bedroom house where he lives with his wife and children.

In some areas, a home may seem affordable, but few will think that having a home is “cheap.” Buying a home can be very easy for some, which is why it seems that the small home market is as good as it seems. Recently, someone came up with the idea of a small house and expanded it directly. The innovator did not buy a small truck, but bought a double bus and turned it into a so-called village private house. Surprisingly, the old, abandoned bus now looks somewhat like a luxury home. The cost of privatizing a property is likely to be less than all the costs of a regular home or even an apartment.

The double-decker bus has a considerable area. The owners of the property, Bob, Kate and their children, Joe, Jamie and Sam, converted the bus into a three-bedroom house. But do not think that living inside it comes from having narrow conditions. As for the temporary houses, from the side it seems that they are very luxurious and spacious. You can thank many designers and builders for the result of achieving innovative skills.

It should not be surprising that someone can turn an old bus into a house. People are constantly moving to mobile homes. By the way, the other families featured on YouTube also turned to the small houses where they live. It’s a half-breed genre that continues to grow and spread across the Internet, following the example of people living in huge tents, transformed into shipping containers, and into more common small homes. The bus follows the same idea that some extra work is needed to make the place of residence more vibrant and prosperous.

It only takes one step to turn a front cab into a bathroom, as you can see in the video below. The mix of construction and plumbing skills provided a functional shower, so critics could not say that the bus was somewhat “inferior” to a traditional apartment. It seems that he has everything and fully serves his purpose. Who, unlike most bathrooms, has a Bobby and Kate toilet with a steering wheel!

Installing an old, revived bus in the city may have caused some problems. However, putting the bus in the empty field before made the situation more realistic. And this is where the double “bus house” is located. From a distance it looked like an abandoned bus. As Bob explains, the only relatives he and his family had were a group of cows. As you can imagine, this is very important for people who live in small houses. Because the living space inside is so small, it is possible to have a lot more space outside so that you do not feel too much and do not get the heat of the cottages.

You can get a better view through the photos and you can see the windows and the overhang like the front lobby. The bus is more viable than it seems. it seems to be a pleasant place to live. Because of the high cost of housing, many are looking for other options and means. Maybe the “bus house” will start its trend.

Moreover, small houses offer different advantages compared to more traditional apartments. Given that small houses are good, small, the place for dirt is smaller, which means that it is also easier to clean. So the next time you are asked to clean the whole house, think of Bob and Kate’s little house right away.

Of course, small houses also have their shortcomings. Imagine that you want to invite a group of people. Thanks to the wooden lobby, grill and outdoor furniture of Bob and Kate, they can actually invite so many people in the summer. But if you live in a small bus, it is not easy to have fun with people in winter. And since Bob and Kate live in England, we can not imagine that winters can be pleasant. But hey, maybe that’s an advantage for introverts among us. You will always have your excuse when someone wants to visit you.

Despite the shortcomings and jokes of the people living in the small house, it seems that Bob and Kate love their bus house very much. And we’re excited to see more videos of them in their incredible little bedroom with three bedrooms, where they will share excerpts from their daily lives.

For more information on Bob and Kate, check out their YouTube channel Family Freedom, where they argue about their daily lives, including their normal lifestyles and small homes. As of July 2021, the family had jumped off their double-decker bus and got off a little. Now they live in a car called a special life.

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