She gave birth to albino twins with snow-white hair. See how they look now…

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Every child is unique and different. But there are also children whose birth is considered so unique and rare that it attracts the attention of journalists around the world. So this is what happened and the focus was on the Argentine twin girls, Catalina and Virginia. The babies were born into a simple family, but their photos immediately spread on the Internet. Jorge Gomez and his wife were really looking forward to the different looks of the girls. They loved their son madly, but they wanted the family to grow and prosper. That is why when the couple learned that they were going to have twins, their joy simply knew no bounds. But parents still had no idea how unusual their newborns would be.

The unique and different children really impressed and surprised their father and mother. The twins were born prematurely, at about 36 weeks. Despite this, the children were born completely healthy, of normal weight and height. However, it was immediately obvious that very unusual and different children were born. They immediately caught the attention of the doctors of the Argentine hospital and appeared in the center of everyone’s attention. Photos of babies have become a real sensation almost all over the world! The thing is, Catalina and Virginia are albino twins! They have very beautiful skin and completely white, their hair is white. If we notice that the parents of the girls are very dark-skinned Argentines, then such a sharp contrast is really surprising. Despite the fact that the children do not look like Jorge and his wife at all, they unconditionally accepted the peculiarities of their children and the fact that they are different.

“This is truly a blessing from God for us,” say the children’s parents. Albinism is a rare genetic disease that affects up to 20,000 babies born. The interesting thing is that this number mainly depends on the race. Thus, it is possible that one in every 3,000 African babies will be born with albinism. Europeans have the lowest number of such children and such cases are very rare. In order for a baby to be born albino, both parents must have this gene. This is why the event is considered so rare and unique. Even more surprising is the fact that not one albino child was born into an Argentine family, but twins at once! However, it leaves its mark and trace not only on the appearance of the child. Albinos are characterized by poor eyesight, fragile bones, and intolerance to radiation and light in general.

Extraordinary children with white hair and light skin are often ridiculed in later life. In addition, some believe that albinos are mentally retarded. All these stereotypes have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Albinos are the same children as the others, they deserve to receive unconditional and unconditional love from their parents. Jorge and his wife love their kids very much! Raising girls is a little harder and more difficult than raising normal children. Catalina and Virginia need protection from sun rays, which can adversely affect babies’ skin and eyesight. It is also necessary to regularly give vitamin D, which is poorly synthesized by the body on its own. However, all this can be considered as small and insignificant nuances, because the most important fact is that the children should receive the love and support of the parents.

And Catalina and Virginia do not have to complain about their absence! As soon as the girls with unusual appearance were born, they immediately appeared in the center of attention of all the media. But soon the children were forgotten. Now the twins are 4 years old, they feel very well, they do not have any health problems. Recently, the girls’ relatives published some photos of happy children, where they are wearing specially made dresses donated by a family friend. Catalina and Virginia stand out with their identical snow-white hair and explosive rather light skin. One of the children wears orange glasses, which protect his eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

In all other respects, they are completely ordinary girls like everyone else whom their parents love very much. Children with special needs and appearance rarely realize that they are different in some way and do not look like others. If the child is loved by his parents, he can not have problems in communicating with his peers. This is why the fact that children should be accepted as they are, even if they are very different from others, is very important. Catalina and Virginia were really lucky to be born into a loving and caring family, so albinism does not cause them any additional problems in their lives. Everyone loves them and they are good friends! Share and leave comments and put likes.

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