9-year-old girl sang a song from Titanic better than the original!!!

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Young Celine Tam was only 9 years old when her amazing singing in 2017 brought her great success until the explosion of the golden sequins. received the highest praise from Got Talent judges. He started learning to sing at the age of three. He first appeared in public at the age of four.

At the 2014 Shanghai LOVE concert, he performed Frozen’s “Let it Go” with pop singer Sheila Amasa. Celine Dion is a singer from Hong Kong who has gained a lot of fame and recognition since she was a child, appearing in numerous live events and TV shows in China.

He gained a lot of recognition and positive feedback when he participated in the “Let’s Sing Kids” contest at the age of five. In 2017, he took second place during the 12th season of “AMERICA Goth Talent”.

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