12-year-old shy Ali boy Jackson Five classic “Who’s Lovin You”The Voice Kids

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12-year-old Ali from Casablanca literally deceived and confused the public and the jury thanks to the “Jackson Hing” shirt.

Rock-n-roll looked good and confident in his actions, trying to hide his shy image, despite all this, young Ali was able to present himself to the public as part of a blind audition for The Voice Kids show.

With his unique and beautiful voice, both soft and powerful, he really hoped he could surprise the coaches and see how the armchairs would turn immediately, according to a comment by the Jackson Five “Who’s livin ‘you”.

But from the moment Ali started singing the song, the coaches could not believe their ears! Amel Bent seems to immediately spin on the chair, trying to prevent Jennifer from adding Ali to her team in the process.

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