Two Guys Interrupt Young Kid On Piano To Request That He Play Bohemian Rhapsody

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London St. At Pancras International Station, which is visited by thousands of travelers every day, there is a lone piano in a densely populated area of the station. Anyone can sit and play, it is allowed for everyone. While many of the musicians who try to entertain and entertain travelers may give their best experience, there are few talented people, a talented boy appeared who decided to sit down and play, wanting to impress the people there.

While the boy was sitting and preparing to play, a man interrupted him. The man was smiling as he asked to play the legendary Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The problem with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, however, is that it was obvious that it was quite difficult to play. Even the most skilled pianists sometimes try to fight against melodies.

Everything that happened afterwards shocked and surprised everyone and fortunately the camera recorded it all. The boy began to play the iconographic song, but he simply did not blink the notes. Instead, he began to play the melody so skillfully and experiencedly that if you close your eyes, you will have no doubt that he is a mature adult pianist with years of experience sitting at the piano.

When the boy played, it was already obvious to anyone that he was playing with all his heart and soul. The melody sounded from his soul. He closed his eyes and put his whole body and soul into his performance, his passion inspiring a small crowd to form around him. The man who asked to play the song smiled triumphantly, completely moved by the boy’s talent and passion.

Fortunately, the video of this beautiful moment was posted on the Internet by the pianist. It turns out that this talented young man is 12-year-old piano producer Cole Lam, who often shares his gifts with the public. Cole is not just a pianist, he is a skilled singer and songwriter.

This story has some funny sides. Before Cole could interrupt his request, Cole was planning and thinking about how to play the melody. “Bohemian Rhapsody” would always be played, regardless of the man’s interruption.

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