To survive in a house with cats, the parrot learned to “talk” like a cat

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It is no secret that parrots have the ability to speak. The fact is that in addition to human language, this species of bird can fully master the “languages” of animals.

For example, this cockatoo has been living in a house since childhood, there are quite a lot of cats out there. What can he do? Well, of course he had to study. He listened carefully.

And here came the crucial moment when the cockatoo decided to show all his interesting abilities to cats. In fact, it is clear that the parrot has perfectly mastered and mastered the “foreign language”. Judging by the amazing reaction of the muses, they were a little shocked and amazed when they heard the parrots barking and whispering.

The owner of the bird filmed it all in a video and published it on the Internet. “The parrot is a polyglot,” “Even cats could not bark as naturally as he could.” This is just wonderful! “He really can ‘speak in their own language’, which is not limited to the sound of murmurs,” the commentators wrote on YouTube.

What’s more, the bird has not only learned the “language” but also has a clear grasp of the cat’s behavior. “He throws away the fake floats like a cat,” wrote one of the internet users.

Well, summarizing all this, we can clearly say that living under the same floor with cats is like running into a cat.

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