The plus size model wore a dress that people are embarrassed to even look at. Photo in full growth

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Do you approve of this couple? There are more and more girls on Instagram who aspire and want to become plus size models. Of course, on stage, many of them gain a greedy reputation, even when I do not participate in magazine covers and fashion shows.

Charming Grace also managed to get a piece of her famous pie. The girl managed to head Instagram and share many different and impressive photos, which she tried not to take.

By the way, Grace is a girl with a horse and she has her personal flaws, which she does not try to hide either with a thick cloth or with the help of filters.

And here is a photo that just went viral on the internet, which clearly shows the unevenness and unevenness of the skin. But fans of natural beauty, like Grace, have no desire to follow the mythical ideals and rules of beauty.

And, of course, the most important photo. This is the photo with this dress, which you can even be ashamed to look at.

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