Look at these cute twins…They are starting to recognize each other VIDEO

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It is well-known that for centuries people believed in the fact that a baby is like a piece of white paper on which parents can write whatever they want. From Batidran, there was also the opinion that during childbirth the baby attacked her so much that for some time she was completely carried away. Therefore, it is only necessary to eat and dress at the right time. According to modern experts, immediately after birth, the baby hears, sees, responds to all the senses – smell and taste stimulants.

In the past, it was thought that a baby is blind when it is born, like a kitten, but today this option is naturally refuted, and we report it even in the delivery room. When the baby is born and the baby falls out of the window, the baby opens his eyes wide or even closes them. When there is dim light and the baby is born in a calm, balanced light, the eyes are wide open and he seems to be looking around.

Moreover, it has become known that the child does not see clear images, but sees people’s faces very clearly. how children draw when they are old enough. That is, it is a circular face, two dots – our eyes and two strips – nose and mouth. Newborns listen – that’s definitely a reality. They perfectly distinguish from which side the sound is coming from, and they tilt their heads in the direction of the sound.

During the first months, the baby first recognizes the mother through the rhythm of the heartbeat. And quite often, when he tries to be in his mother’s arms, he screams, and it does not mean that he is hungry, wet or scared – he just wants to hear the sound of his mother’s own heartbeat, to which he is already accustomed. nine months of intrauterine life. Attention! The mother hugs the baby, and the baby immediately calms down and relaxes, smiles happily, the eyes just shine, the baby touches his mother.

And what about visual perception? We have already mentioned above that a baby sees immediately after birth, but for him, in fact, all the faces look the same. Every day it seems that the child becomes more tense, more contradiction arises in him. Three months later, he perceives everything in black and white, and only three months later – in colors, and these are mainly bright colors – orange, red, bright green, or blue. The mixture of these colors, the baby is still unable to perceive and distinguish one from the other. The child can see the picture up to 20-30 centimeters away.

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