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“Insomnia when the baby is asleep,” they said. But what to do in that case, if it seems that you can not sleep at all and can not sleep?

Well, you are not alone. There are many parenting books written about sleep-specific study methods, some of which confirm the fact that your baby may be crying for a while.

Or it may sound a little eyelid, but the so-called cry may be that the child can learn to calm down before going to bed and not rely on a caregiver to calm him down. And feeling better over time can lead to the development of stronger and more independent sleep skills.

Experts also point out that different methods claim that you can start crying by 3-4 months of age (sometimes it can be at an earlier age), but you can expect more development until your baby. Becoming 4 months old.

In any case, this is due to the development and different ideas about when a child needs to be fed at night and when he is ready to do without them. (How you define “going without a night feed” is a very important fact. There is a big difference between sleeping 6-8 hours without feeding and 12 hours without feeding.)

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