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Every child is capable and needs to connect and expand with the outside world. The twins, especially during their childhood, are in constant contact with each other. On the one hand, this is good. The child does not feel lonely inside, he is understood and accepted as he is. The joint solution of the emerging problems contributes to the adaptation to the outside world.

But sometimes there are cases when children start to limit communication with each other, in creating their own language, their own little world. Of course, this is a very tempting fact, because they are so similar, so close, so easy and fast to understand each other. As a result, communication can lead to alienation from others, and the division of the world in their image can occur. There is a world where they live, and there is another world that has absolutely nothing to do with them, a stranger – another world of strangers to them.

In addition to the twins, people around them can also have some influence on the isolation of their position. As the birth of twins is a rare occurrence, more attention is paid to them. they are different in the crowd, they are talked about, their similarities are emphasized and obvious, they are attributed special features, including mystical ones. This attitude reinforces and reinforces the feeling of uniqueness and sometimes even isolates you from the outside world.

As the twins begin to grow, it becomes clear that they also have certain privileges over the rest that other children lack. For example, they can go to classes, exams, dates, doing it all in a row, one after the other. Try to find a replacement! Other children can never do such tricks and tricks. Such unusual abilities also have a positive effect on the perception of special people, “not like everyone else and different”, being separated from others by their unusual status. Despite the risks and all the difficulties, the peculiarities of the “twin” situation as a whole have a beneficial and positive effect on the psychological and physical development of the twins. Here it is very important not to allow children to lose their individuality and disperse among themselves, each of them must have their own worldview and perception of the world around them.

Much depends on the position of the parents in the most important issue of raising and raising twins. The most important thing for them is to understand that each of the twins is an individual person, that despite the great inner psychological intimacy, each of them has and must maintain his individual “I”.

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