«Peppy Grandpa»: 71-year-old Richard Gere posted a joint photo with his 99-year-old father

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It is really amazing how fast time flies, he is already 71 years old.

Oh, it’s very hard to understand and realize that time is moving at a crazy speed and a number of idols of our youth are already over 70 years old … Do you remember how after the movie “Beautiful Woman” all the girls just went crazy over the beautiful Richard Gere? for: So he is already 71 years old.

This year, the father of the famous actor Dechasan turned 99 years old. On his personal Instagram page, he posted a group photo with his parent.

“Looks amazing”, “Cheerful grandpa”, “How cool”, “It’s happiness to be child at 71”, “Long life to daddy”, “Beautiful”, “Gir is old or it seems to me?”: Some of the fans wrote in the comment field.

Let’s remind that Richard Gere got married in April 2018. Alejandra Silva became his chosen one and spouse. The wedding took place in Spain, but the celebration took place in New York in particular. Silva already had a child from a previous marriage. On February 11, 2019, Richard Guerre and his wife had their first child and became parents. The couple had a son, whom they named after their father, Alexander.

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