Romantic duet “All I Ask of You” from Phanton of the Opera

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The Phantom of the Opera is known for hosting Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most romantic duo. Just watch the song about the love between Christine and Raul sound live on stage.

Christine Daae, the epic love triangle of Viscount Raul de Chagni, and as a mysterious opera ghost played a major and powerless role in the plot of the rather famous musical phantom of the opera.

This song “All I Ask of You” is the most important phrase between Christine and Raul. The actors describe the passion between the two lovers, when they are able to make every note of perfection.

You can simply feel joy and happiness when they plan their lives together, inspire and nurture hopes. When they leave the stage, there is no obstacle to their happiness and there can not be. It takes so long until you can see who is actually hiding behind the curtains.

“Phantom” performs and sings the repressive performance of the couple’s love song. He feels betrayed and betrayed because of Christine’s new life. Weber was able to do a wonderful job, combining his opposite feelings in both songs.

All the actors were able to beautifully change the whole depth of their characters. When you reach the end of the video, you would definitely like to be there during the performance so that you can watch more and really have those feelings.

“All I Ask of You” is considered one of the most romantic and distinctive duets on Broadway. After this performance of the Phantom of the Opera, the actors take photos of their audience and let you do more.

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