Tiniest Baby Ever Goes Home After 13 months In Hospital

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The little boy, who weighed only 7.5 grams at birth, was discharged from the hospital, making him the smallest child in the world, who fortunately was successfully treated.

Wong Mei Ling, who was only 5 months pregnant at the time, was rushed to National University Hospital on June 8 last year with severe abdominal pain.

The doctors had informed her in advance that during her pregnancy she had preeclampsia, which was quite dangerously high, especially in the cerebral area.

The causes of anxiety were gradually increasing, following that procedure. The newborn girl, Kwek Yu Xuan, weighed about 7.5 grams at birth, which was even less than half the weight predicted by doctors. He was probably one of the smallest babies ever born, weighing about the same weight as an apple or a fruit.

According to the hospital, Yu Xuan was discharged from the hospital last month, weighing about 14 kilograms, after only thirteen months of treatment.

The rescue of Yu Xuan’s life immediately came to the forefront of the public spotlight over the weekend, thanks to a story in the Straits Times.

Yvonne Ng, a senior adviser at the National University Hospital’s Neonatology Department, told the paper that the patient’s small weight and height meant that nurses simply could not use traditional care and needed to innovate.

“He was so small in weight that even the prescription had to be calculated to the decimal point.”

The staff told the “Straight Times” daily that even the pads made for premature babies are relatively larger, for Yu Xuan, and the nurses have to cut them to make it comfortable for the baby.

Yu Xuan can be considered one of the smallest children in the world, who has ever been able to survive and survive after giving birth. According to the University of Iowa Tiniest Babies, which tracks the world’s smallest children, the current record holder is an 8.6-inch girl born in 2018 in San Diego. The staff called the girl “Saibi”.

“Oh, my God, I just can not believe how small he is,” I said. It may have been passed on to Paul Wozniak, a neonatologist at Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns in San Diego, who told The Post about it at the time.

Yu Xuan ṩïńġäṗöŕệ’s early years were not so smooth. Her lungs, which had not yet fully formed during childbirth, were still causing her some problems. According to the information of “Straight Times” daily, he still has quite serious problems with his lungs and that is why he is in the air conditioner.

Wong and her husband, Kwek Ui Liang, are Malaysians who ṩïńġäṗöŕệ their permanent residence. They simply had to stay away from their family, including their young son, while Yu Xuan was in the process of recovering. For 13 months, treatment and supervision of doctors cost more than $100,000, but they could raise more money through multilateralism.

“We are very happy for little f̾i̾g̾h̾t նրա and his family, and we are very pleased and grateful for the care and attention of the staff. On Saturday, National University Hospital published on Facebook: “Our best and foremost wish is for little Yu Xuan, as he continues to grow and develop regularly, to flourish and to try to disobey probability every day.”

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