Heroic police officer helps woman who is stuck under a car

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John Holt suddenly received a call about the overturned car and tried to respond as quickly as possible. He arrived at the scene of the accident so that he could find the overturned car.

The baby was crying when the mother was left in the narrow part of the car. Holt therefore had to try to act very quickly so that he could not be too sure what would happen if he suddenly could not get the woman out.

He guaranteed in advance that the child was protected and very far from the car. The video recording of his body darkens when he pushes him towards the car.

Putting his shoulder under the door jam, he prepared himself. He told himself that he just had to be able to get up to lift the car.

You can hear him when he was able to incorporate everything that is in him right now, when he is gaining tireless power. He even paused for a moment to ask if the woman could get out.

Fortunately, the lady was able to get out of the car thanks to the quick orientation and courage of John Holt. Clinical staff arrived at the scene and they said that the woman was in pretty good condition.

He admits that he is not a hero, claiming that he is just a policeman who has mainly done his duty. The lower extremity is dumb and long-awaited, coming from the hero of the severed extremity.

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