Honest boy ‘Caught in Providence’ helps his father’s case with Judge Frank Caprio

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In “Captured Providence”, a frank young witness was interviewed about the recent case of Judge Frank Caprio. Judge Frank was examining the case of a man who had been caught at a speed of 35 meters in just 25 meters.

The man mentioned that he had just received a US license 6 months ago. Judge Frank says: “Oh, are you celebrating fast?” He told the judge that he did not notice a speed limit sign on the street where he was caught. Judge Frank did not fall for that!

He asked the man if he had read the Rhode Island driver manual. Judge Frank told him that the manual instructs drivers to do 25 mph in areas where there is no speed limit. The accuser immediately mentioned his wife and children. Judge Frank looked around for a moment, saying։

The judge wanted them all to reach a logical conclusion. The accused’s wife approached the microphone and told the judge that she and her husband were in the car with their two children. Judge Frank for a moment. “Oh, now the child is also in danger.”

Judge Frank pointed to their son, who is apparently 5 years old, and asked: She asks the little boy to approach the bench. Judge Frank said to the little boy: Are you going to say guilty or not? What do you say now? ” The boy exclaimed. “Guilty” and the court started laughing with his family. Judge Frank says: “Honest boy.” He shakes the baby’s hand.

The judge started pointing at the defendant, saying: “It is official, you are really considered guilty.” The father says he does not understand, he does not know what he said. The court laughs again. Judge Frank told his father that he would be honored to drive a good car in Africa.

He urged her to be safe on the streets, and she told her father: “You also have a very honest young man.” Honest honesty is the best policy, because this child’s pleasant response helped his father a lot in court.

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