The Clean Cut: 4-year-old Claire Crosby appears on ‘Ellen’ after video is viewed over 150 million times

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After 4-year-old Claire and her father Dave’s web video captured everyone’s hearts and gained more than 150 million views online worldwide, they came to the Ellen Show to perform their duet live!

Their cover, which was published through the youTube social platform as of January 17, already had more than 7 million views and for good reasons. Not only are these two incredibly beautiful, but they are also extremely talented and, it is obvious, have a lot of musical chemistry in them.

Only 4-year-old Claire Ryan and her father sat on the stage of “Ellen” to start making the shirt, and it was very amazing and admirable.

The Clean Cut. 4-year-old Claire Crosby appears on “Ellen” after watching the video 150 million times.

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